Beat Bobby Flay: Watch an all new episode featuring the Cake Boss himself

Beat Bobby Flay is about to pit Flay up against the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, in an episode that really lives up to the “Don’t Sugarcoat It” name.

Are you ready for Buddy Valastro to go from Buddy Vs. Duff to Beat Bobby Flay? If the answer is yes, then the latest episode, set to air on March 29, “Don’t Sugarcoat It,” will be a must watch.

According to the synopsis shared on the Food Network site, in this episode of the cooking competition, Valastro is teaming up with Marcela Valladolid, judge on Best Baker in America. These two want to beat Bobby Flay, and to do that, they are bringing in Kathleen McDaniel and Jocelyn Gragg, two southern chefs who are experts in pastry.

Considering Flay is not exactly known for his dessert making skills, this episode could in fact see the chef being taken down in his own house. While we will have to wait to see if the chefs that Valladolid and Valastro bring in are able to beat Bobby Flay, it certainly seems like this episode might just see our chef lose after all.

Following the new episode of Beat Bobby Flay, there will be three more episodes of the series, which means there are four opportunities to watch Flay get taken down by a number of talented chefs. The other episodes airing tonight are “Funny or Fried,” “America’s Funniest Food Show,” and “Mince Meat.” (While they may be older episodes, if you haven’t seen them yet, this is the perfect time to enjoy some healthy competition.)

Will you be watching tonight’s episode? Here’s how you can watch this episode:

What: Beat Bobby Flay

When: Sunday, March 29 at 9 p.m. CT

Where to Watch: Food Network | Sling TV | fubo TV | MORE

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Which cooking competition is your favorite? Will you be watching the Food Network tonight or something else?

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