Arby’s 5 classic roast beef for $10 deal is no April Fool’s joke

Arby’s, forever trying to make a statement with their food, has brought in its latest deal — five Roast Beef Sandwiches for $10.

Poor Arby’s. Every time we talk about fast food, we always tend to forget about the chain that brought the Roast Beef Sandwich out of the kitchen and into the fast food mainstream. I know, Arby’s, it sucks, and I feel your pain.

On one hand, I completely understand why Arby’s keeps throwing out deals like it’s Christmas in July (fun fact: I’m writing this column in Christmas pajamas. Just one perk of working from home!), but on the other, I see why some people see Arby’s deal throwing as a sign of desperately trying to get noticed. Well, now we have another deal to scrutinize.

Between now and April 5, Arby’s is putting their flagship Roast Beef Sandwich front and center. For the week, you can order five of these babies for just $10, a deal that seems like an April Fool’s joke for us holed up in the house, but no, this is no joke, Arby’s is really doing this.

Making things a bit more complicated is the fact that these orders will have to be placed at the drive-thru thanks to the coronavirus protocols that have locked up fast food dining rooms all over the country. In order to obtain this deal, according to Chew Boom, is you have to roll through the drive-thru and mention the “Drive-Thru Deals” at the menu board.

Yes, it sounds more tedious, but that’s our temporary reality.

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There’s one saving grace to the 5 for $10 deal: You don’t need a coupon to take advantage of this offer, and that’s always a good thing. However, I’m more anxious to see this in practice, as there will be plenty of homebound folks who will be in search of a cheap meal deal now that the funds have become scarce.