Sour Patch Kids jelly beans are here in time for your Easter basket

Looking for treats to add to your Easter basket this year? Sour Patch Kids has you covered with their jelly beans. Check them out here!

While the days seem to be dragging on with a lot of us staying home and social-distancing, Easter will be here before we know it. It may not be the same occasion it usually is with egg hunts and big family gatherings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up an Easter basket for yourself or for the people you live with. And what better item to add to it than Sour Patch Kids jelly beans?

While regular jelly beans are perfectly fine, why not try these punched-up ones this year? Apparently, these aren’t new which makes me completely upset that I haven’t seen them before. What kind of Sour Patch Kids super fan am I?

The jelly beans come in five different flavors: lemon, lime, orange, blue raspberry, and redberry (what does that taste like?). Besides the flavors, the beans are coated in sugar just like the original candy and start off sour and turn sweet the more you chew.

Whether you’re setting up an Easter basket for kids in your home or just looking for a springtime snack to give you some energy during the long days, these jelly beans are definitely worth a shot. A 13-ounce bag is available at Target for only $2.99. Amazon has them too, but they’re $11.99 for the same amount. Yikes!

If jelly beans aren’t your cup of tea but you still want an Easter-themed candy, Target also has regular Sour Patch Kids in an egg container or you can get a box of bunny-shaped ones for only $1. I will take them all, please!

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Will you be adding these jelly beans to your Easter basket? Let us know in the comments below!