Positively Snacking: Singer, songwriter, author & entrepreneur Laurie Berkner

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 30: Singer and songwriter Laurie Berkner performs for SiriusXM's Kids Place Live channel on July 30, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 30: Singer and songwriter Laurie Berkner performs for SiriusXM's Kids Place Live channel on July 30, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images) /

What does best-selling children’s music artist Laurie Berkner eat when it comes to snack time? Here are her favorite snacks!

Best-selling children’s music artist Laurie Berkner has been dubbed the “queen of kids’ music” by People Magazine and the “Adele of the preschool crowd” by the New York Times. Yet not everyone realizes that in addition to being the singer and songwriter of the music she releases, Berkner is also the founder of the record label (Two Tomatoes Records) which put out most of her music. Amazingly, Berkner garnered well over 100 million streams in 2019 alone.

But Laurie Berkner is not just a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur, to say the least. Berkner has authored multiple books, created music that has been featured in Off-Broadway plays produced by New York City Children’s Theater, and helmed an Audible Original Series.

Following an innovative deal with the Concord Music Group – a company whose catalog includes titles from Pink Floyd, Common, Iggy Pop and KIDZ BOP alike – for the partial acquisition of her recording and publishing catalogs last year, Berkner released her 13th studio album, Waiting For The Elevator.

In the spirit of bringing extra brightness to families in the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Internet users can now join Laurie Berkner — streaming directly from her house — for live Berkner Break concerts most weekday mornings at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Additionally, each weekday on Berkner’s social media, she posts a video of one of her songs for a morning Berkner Breakfast (at 7:00 a.m. EDT), an afternoon Berkner Break (at 3:00 p.m. EDT) and an evening Berkner Bedtime (at 7:00 p.m. EDT). She also has created a 50-minute compilation of “Educational Music Videos” compilation on her YouTube channel.

To stay this productive, Laurie Berkner clearly keeps herself nourished with great turn. In turn, on behalf of Guilty Eats, I asked her about some of her favorite snacks.

Simple Mills Crackers

“My daughter, Lucy, and I are both gluten-free, and these are made with really good ingredients, instead of being filled up with potato flour — and they are so addictive! I especially love the Black Pepper flavor.”

Brazil Bites

“This is frozen, ready-to-bake, brazilian cheesebread, also known as pão de queijo. They are chewy and cheesy and delicious. They also happen to be naturally gluten-free. The favorites in our house are cheddar and garlic-asiago.”

Living Intentions Sprouted Almonds

“These are my absolute favorite almonds. For some reason the sprouting process makes them really crunchy and extra flavorful.”

Augie Treat Granola

“This is some of the best granola I have ever tasted. It has an amazing blend of sweet and salty. I love the original and the dark chocolate chunk is an extra special treat.”

Earth Circle Organics Cacao Nibs

“I love putting raw cacao nibs — crushed cacao beans — on berries, or just eating them by the spoonful. This brand makes especially smooth and rich tasting nibs that don’t have a bitter aftertaste.”

Pressed Juicery

“I love so many of their juices and blends. My go-tos are the Greens 1 cold-pressed juice and both the Chocolate Almond and Turmeric blends. Sometimes I put the blends in the freezer and eat them like ice cream!”

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Which of Laurie Berkner’s favorites will be you ordering?