Is Starbucks open on Easter 2020?

This pandemic has drastically changed our way of life, but we still have Starbucks on our side! Will Starbucks open on Easter 2020?

Thinking of stopping by for your favorite drink from Starbucks on Easter 2020? Sounds delicious! But is the coffee chain even open on this holiday? Not only do select fast food restaurants and chains close on some holidays, but with COVID-19, we just don’t know what to expect anymore! Here’s what we know.

So does Starbucks open on Easter? Happy day, coffee and tea fans! Starbucks is definitely open on Easter 2020! The question instead now is, what will you be drinking? And will you share with your quarantine buddy?

We do suggest, though, that you check out Starbuck’s store locator HERE, so you are aware of the operation hours. You wouldn’t like to arrive too early or late. Not sure if the store locator is working properly? Give your local Starbucks a call! UberEats and Grubhub will have accurate information for you as well.

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Need a list of the best places to order Easter dinner (they’ll deliver to you!), Guilty Eats has put one together for you, HERE.

Looking for more options? Accompany your Starbucks drink with food to-go from these places confirmed to be open on Easter 2020: IHOP, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Sonic, and more. Please note, franchise select their own rules and hours of operation. Check online before stopping by!

Will you be going to your local Starbucks for your favorite coffee or tea? Don’t forget to grab one for a friend or family member (as long as they are isolating with you, of course).