Wendy’s turns to social media to toast fans and offer free nuggets

Wendy’s Toasting Fans and Giving Everyone a GroupNug on Friday, 4/24. Image Courtesy Wendy's
Wendy’s Toasting Fans and Giving Everyone a GroupNug on Friday, 4/24. Image Courtesy Wendy's /

Wendy’s might be known for their sass and wit on social media, but on April 20, they decided to change things up by toasting their fans and offering a free nuggets special.

Wendy’s Twitter is known for many things, particularly their ability to get spicy with the competition. And while we may love the social media account for its sass and wit, we also love when they show their softer side.

On April 20, Wendy’s decided it was time to soften things up and offer a toast to its fans. They invited followers to help shine a light on the people out there who are doing good in the world. And they didn’t just mean first responders and health care workers, although they certainly got plenty of love as well. This was a chance for everyone to get some love.

But, Wendy’s did not stop there. In fact, this softer side meant that the fast food chain decided to take the love a step further. And that means offering free nuggets.

In a second tweet posted on Monday, the company announced that they were planning to do a GroupNug on Friday, April 24. This GroupNug means that every single car that comes through their drive thru on Friday will get a free 4 piece of either the crispy or spicy chicken nuggets.

That’s right people – free nuggets for all. And when they say free, they really mean it. There is absolutely no purchase necessary to get those free nuggets. You could literally drive up and ask for a four piece nuggets and leave without ever dipping into your wallet.

If you love Wendy’s chicken nuggets, then you won’t want to miss out on this GroupNug. After all, this is your chance to get a free four piece of your choice.

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What do you think of this offer from Wendy’s? Will you be taking advantage of their GroupNug on April 24? Tell us what you think in the comments.