Big Papi Cooking Show: Get the insane recipe from SNL sketch

Saturday Night Live is back with another insane recipe! This one comes from SNL’s Big Papi Cooking Show!

There’s never a shortage of fun and crazy comedy sketches from SNL. In the latest episode, the second SNL At Home edition, Kenan Thompson takes on his David “Big Papi” character again to bring us Big Papi Cooking Show.

If we could make a list of cooking shows we wish were real, SNL‘s Big Papi Cooking Show would be at the top of said list! The only downside is that the recipes and foods wouldn’t be real, but it would definitely be fun to watch.

In the Big Papi Cooking Show sketch, David “Big Papi” Ortiz is creating a lunch in quarantine that would make any Dominican proud (or so says Big Papi). To make things even more fun, there’s even a surprise appearance from Big Bunny (Bad Bunny).

Watch the sketch below: 

Did you miss it? We’re here to help! Here are the ingredients you will need to make Seven Meat Sancocho:

  • Pollo
  • Jamon
  • Carne Molida
  • Cochinillo
  • Pierna de Cordero
  • Langosta Espinosa
  • Manos De Mono
  • Lengua De Ballena

You can make this impossible dish in two simple steps: Get a giant pot and cook everything in it. That’s it! What did you think about the hilarious sketch? We love when Kenan Thompson takes on this character!

This sketch is clearly poking fun at chefs and celebrities who have been sharing recipes on their social media for regular people to put together. The ingredients are supposedly things we all have in our pantry. Spoiler alert: We don’t ever have these things just in our pantry.

Which celebrity recipe have you found the most ridiculous? You know, not including Big Papi Cooking Show’s Seven Meat Sancocho. 

Saturday Night Live premieres new episodes each Saturday Night, but has had a shaky schedule due to the COVID-19 outbreak.