Take your taste buds on a delectable tour with Universal Yums

Who needs to travel to explore new food when the experience can come to your door? Universal Yums is the world tour your taste buds are craving.

Okay, let’s be real, we would all love to travel! Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, especially during these tough times the world is going through. Still, if you’re a fan of snacks from around the world and learning about new tastes and flavors, you’ll love Universal Yums!

Universal Yums is a food subscription box service that is globally sourced. No need to leave the house, it comes straight to your door packed with snacks from around the world.

Each month, a different country is featured. Different snacks from the country of the month are packed into the box for your taste buds to enjoy. Not just any random treats, either, but the snacks that have been voted as the best.

Earlier this month, Universal Yums were kind enough to send over a box for me to check out for myself! It came packed with 13 snacks from Scandinavia. Are they truly all delicious? Is the service worth it? What else is included?

Universal Yums

Universal Yums, photo taken by Sandy Casanova

Here’s our review and first impressions:

From the 13 treats, my family and I only didn’t care for one, which is great odds. We each had a different favorite snack, but all agreed that they were delicious with the exception of a licorice candy.

In addition to the candy, each box includes an informative booklet with trivia, recipes, and more. And if you truly enjoyed some of these snacks enough to want them again (we sure did), you can order and purchase more of them.

How much will these cost you? We are glad you asked! Boxes begin with the Yum Box, which is priced at $13.75 for six or more snacks in every box and a 12-page booklet. Free shipping!

Yum Yum Boxes are $22.92 and include 12 or more snacks and a larger booklet. You’ll enjoy free shipping on this order, too. Finally, there’s the Super Yum Box. This one will give you the ultimate experience at $35.75. You’ll be getting 20 or more snacks, the largest booklet, and free shipping.

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Craving different flavors from around the world or are a foodie at heart? You’ll love these tasty treats! You can also buy a gift box to send to a friend, the perfect gift during these days of social distancing!