The Incredibles: Jack Jack’s chocolate chip cookie recipe has been shared and sounds, well, incredible!

There are certain foods from movies that look so delicious you could just bite the screen. The cookies that Jack Jack eats in The Incredibles is one of those things, and Pixar has just shared the cookie recipe and it sounds, dare I say, incredible.

Sometimes as we watch a movie, a scene may come on where someone is eating something; it might look so good that we could just bite the screen. For some people, they’re sweet dreams are coming true because Pixar just shared the cookie recipe for the delicious-looking and sounding chocolate chip cookie that Jack Jack is eating in the movie The Incredibles and they sound, well, incredible if you ask me.

Just a few weeks ago, Pixar posted the Jack Jack’s Num Num Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with an adorable illustration on their Instagram account, noting the exact ingredients and measurements of such, as well as the steps to take to make these cookies perfectly. And of course the post opens up with the cutest drawing of little Jack Jack himself (another Pixar character makes a short little appearance in one of the photos in the collage as well, so take a look to find out)!

Check it out below: 

If you’ve ever been to one of the many Disney Parks and have been to Disneyland in California, USA, you may (or may not) know that in the land called Pixar Pier, a little restaurant/snack stand serves up Jack Jack’s Num Nums; and boy, fans are always lining up to get a taste of their favorite cutest characters snack and treats as well.

The recipe is pretty simple to follow with only requiring you to use nine different ingredients, such as the following: eggs, flour, butter, chocolate chips, brown sugar, granulated sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract, and salt.

As you will see in the Instagram slides above, it (the recipe) also includes and requires you to brown the butter, which just makes everything better all together as well as a whole thing combined!

The cookie recipe itself is courtesy of Pixar’s Pastry Chef MaryLou Jaso.

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Let us know if you’ve made this cookie recipe and how it compares to something like Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. How much do you love Jack Jack and his Num Nums?! A lot like me probably!