Sour Patch Kids already selling Fourth of July-themed candy

July 4 is arriving early with Sour Patch Kids’ red, white, and blue candy. It’s already available in certain stores and will put you in a patriotic mood.

The Fourth of July might be months away, but that’s not stopping Sour Patch Kids from bringing out their patriotic-themed candy. You can already get their red, white, and blue sour candy to put yourself in the summer spirit.

While these are a fairly new mix, this combination of colors and flavors has been on store shelves before. According to Delish, the Americana candies first came out a couple of years ago. But if this your first time seeing them, you might be wondering what the white flavor is?

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The red and blue are familiar to longtime Sour Patch Kids fans (myself included) as redberry (it tastes like cherry) and blue raspberry, respectively. The white flavor adds a little twist to the mix as it is pineapple-flavored. Pineapple candy covered in sugar? Yes, please!

The size of the bag is also something to be excited about. These are no small bags like you might see for Halloween. These bags are are almost two pounds! Excuse me while I go mark my calendar for a sugar binge in July. While this bag might last some people for a month or two…who are we kidding? It will last a true Sour Patch Kids fan two days if we’re lucky!

The bag is resealable should you have willpower and not eat them all at one time. It will keep them fresh for the next time you need to satisfy your craving for sour candy.

Based on the Dad Bod Snacks Instagram account, the Fourth of July candy can already be found at Jewel-Osco and Albertson’s, but as we get closer to the actual holiday, they are sure to available in more stores around the country.

If you’ve been dying for summer to get here as fast as possible, here’s your first sign that it’s on it’s way! Just imagine these are your backyard barbecue where hopefully, we all be able to gather. together.

What do you think of these red, white, and blue Sour Patch Kids? Will you be buying a bag (or two)? Let us know in the comments below!