Mountain Dew announces returning Summer flavor

Mountain Dew announced the release of their brand new Summer flavor. The kicker? It will combine 50 flavors in one drink!

From all of Mountain Dew’s cult-favorite flavors, such as Frostbite and Atomic Blue, it’s clear to see that Mountain Dew really never disappoints in terms of flavors. Almost every new flavor that they release becomes a new favorite of its consumers and beyond. Once again, Mountain Dew is getting ready to release their new Summer flavor: Liberty Brew, and they are claiming that it will combine 50 different flavors in one. WOW!

Yes, this flavor had been released last Summer, and lucky for us, it’s making its return once again this Summer! This midnight-blue colored soda claims to combine 50 flavors all in one, and some even say that it tastes just like berries (I haven’t tried this personally, just going off of reviews and what other people have stated).

The company is saying that the much-anticipated flavor of Mountain Dew will make its official return to store shelves near you by mid-June!

If you look on Walmart’s website in particular, they are already listing this Summer flavor in a number of different sizes that you can purchase now, such as the 20 oz. single-serve bottles and 12 oz. cans in 12-packs.

If you take a look at the label, you will get a sense of feeling very patriotic, as the Statue of Liberty riding a motorcycle can be seen. If that’s not enough, then you will also see a Bald Eagle, followed by the Liberty Bell as well. Can’t get much more patriotic than that can ya?

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If you’ve tried this, or are interested in doing so, let us know when you start to see it hit store shelves near you. Also, let us know what you think of it, and if it really tastes like berries mixed with all 50 flavors into one! What’s your number one flavor of Mountain Dew ever (past and/or present)? Let us know in the comments below.

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