Kalahari Biltong vs regular jerky: Why biltong is so much better for you (and more tasty)

Kalahari Salad Photo courtesy Kalahari
Kalahari Salad Photo courtesy Kalahari /

Biltong is pushing to be the snack of the summer and Kalahari Biltong is one of the leading brands. Here’s why you should get this over regular beef jerky.

Earlier last month, I received some samples of Kalahari biltong and I’d be lying if I said I knew it wasn’t beef jerky! Once I learned what it was, I did some quick research about biltong and the brand Kalahari and tried all the samples.

Kalahari shares that their biltong is loaded with 32 grams of protein, no added sugar, and zero carbs. A lean snack packed with protein? Sounds like a great treat for the summer (and beyond).

My family and I tried all the flavors. Well, most of us. Unfortunately, my kids didn’t care for them. It’s normal for kids not to gravitate towards a snack like this, kids love treats that are appealing. One kid, the picky one, wouldn’t even try it, dismissing it with his usual “No, thanks. Maybe next time.” The second kid gave it a shot, but just wasn’t a fan. Hey, more for my husband and I!

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Our favorite flavors are Lime Chili and the Original. And this is one of the things I love about biltong over regular jerky, the flavors! With jerky, there isn’t much variety and it does taste pretty bland.

So how is biltong different than jerky? Kalahari broke it down for me and explained that jerky is cooked and heated for hours, but biltong is air-dried for up to three weeks before being spiced with ingredients such as vinegar and pepper. Biltong is then sliced with no added sugar.

Kalahari Snacks only use “the best cuts of top-round beef.” It a simple process, yet so much better for you. And way more flavorful.

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You can learn more about Kalahari and order some for yourself, HERE. Other flavors include Garlic and Spicy Peri Peri.