Burger King launches new french fry sandwich in New Zealand

A Burger King restaurant (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)
A Burger King restaurant (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images) /

Burger King is releasing a french fry sandwich in New Zealand, and we’re super excited to hear all about it!

If there is one thing we can appreciate from Burger King, it’s there burgers (it’s in the name!). But, due to the fact that Burger King was already under trademark with another fast food chain in Adelaide, BK in both Australia and New Zealand is known as Hungry Jack’s. Nonetheless, in 2020 they have released a brand new sandwich, or rather a new version of a semi-new one, to celebrate those who are big fans of meat… bacon to be exact (and man, who isn’t a fan of bacon, am I right).

And it’s no ordinary sandwich, it’s actually made with fries! What’s this brand new french fry sandwich called, you might ask? It is the Cheesy Bacon Chip Butty (yes, in case you don’t know, french fries are called chips in many other parts of the globe). This sandwich not only sounds like something I’d enjoy devouring, it also looks incredible!

Overall, this sandwich sounds amazing, and the prices for it are as well!

Believe it or not, a french fry sandwich is actually pretty common in other parts of the world, much like New Zealand and Australia. And I wish it were more common out here in the U.S. for us Americans to enjoy here at home as well (like I really do wish that, to be honest).

The original sandwich sells for $2 locally, and the bacon version of this super delicious-sounding sandwich will cost $3 locally as well (both versions would equate to just under $2 in American currency values).

There are so many different things that make this sandwich sound exciting. It’s super affordable, it has french fries on it, there is cheese on it, it has bacon on it, and if all of that wasn’t enough already, it’s all slapped in between two halves of a bun and sealed together and warmed to absolute perfection.

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Let us know if you’ve tried this, or know someone who has had the opportunity to do so, and most definitely let us know exactly what you thought of it! We’d love to know!