Breyers adds two new layered ice creams to their lineup

Breyers is bringing the sweetness with two new ice creams

While we love ice cream all year long, summer is definitely one of the best times to enjoy this sweet treat. And thanks to Breyers, we have two new flavors to enjoy.

But, Breyers isn’t just giving us a new ice cream flavor or two, they are introducing new flavors of layered ice cream. In an effort to build up this line of products, which kicked off with their Layered Dessert Brownie Cheesecake, the company is bringing us two amazing summer flavors – the Layered Dessert Peach Cobbler and Layered Dessert S’mores.

What makes these two flavors of Breyers special?

Up first, we have to talk about the Layered Dessert Peach Cobbler, which is a limited edition flavor. According to a press email, we learned that this particular flavor will only be available until September, making this a must try this summer. And we definitely want to try this ice cream since it delivers a decadent peach cobbler profile.

Breyers describes this flavor as starting with their vanilla ice cream and then adding in pieces of shortbread and a layer of their peach ice cream mixed with piece of actual peach cobbler. It’s a one scoop treat that delivers all of the peach cobbler a la mode we could have hoped for.

Then there is their new Layered Dessert S’mores flavor. This ice cream seems to be a permanent addition to the lineup, which is definitely exciting for fans of S’mores!

This ice cream is described as starting off with the Breyers vanilla ice cream and then having pieces of graham crackers mixed in. From there, they layer in their chocolate ice cream with marshmallows mixed in.

Honestly, both of these flavors scream summer in the very best ways, and we are here for these layered desserts. Basically, if it’s ice cream, we need it!

Both of these flavors are in stores now, with a price tag of approximately $3.99 each. And we can’t wait to snag both of these ice creams as soon as possible, especially that Layered Dessert Peach Cobbler flavor, which sounds like a decadent treat for summer fun.

What do you think of these two flavors of Breyers ice cream? Will you be trying either of these flavors? Tell us what you think in the comments.