National Donut Day: Check out this delicious donut art

Photo: Dunkin' Hot Chocolate and Assorted Specialty Donuts.. Image Courtesy Dunkin'
Photo: Dunkin' Hot Chocolate and Assorted Specialty Donuts.. Image Courtesy Dunkin' /

For National Donut Day, this Seoul-based artist shows his appreciation in the coolest way

With today being National Donut Day, we are looking for delicious and sweet ways to celebrate! This Seoul, Korea-based artist can’t get over his obsession for donuts, so he decided to create some delicious sounding and looking art to show his true appreciation for such a delectable treat!

His name is Jae Yong Kim, and man does he love donuts! His work is certainly nothing short of delicious, and he said it best, “Being an artist was my dream — so instead of just eating them, I decided to explore using donuts as a canvas.”

Check out some of his sweetest and most delicious donut works of art

Just how famous and well-known is he? Well, it is a known fact that Kim’s work has been featured as the focus of many different exhibits and museums across the USA, Asia, and the Middle East as well. In fact, his most recent work out of Hakgojae Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, unfortunately which ends this month, has brought in over 15,000 masked viewers since first debuting back in March of 2020.

With all of the current craziness going on the world, Kim decided that being afraid was not the best option, so they went ahead with opening the show as planned and no matter what life threw their way! How courageous is that, right?!

Each donut that he creates is his own original work; not only that, but each one is also hand-thrown, then hand-painted, and finally hand-glazed with no two being alike, kind of like fingerprints. In fact, one goes for over $900 if being sold to the public as well!

A cool fact about Kim is that he is color blind and most of his work before being so focused on donuts, was mostly monotoned with greys, blacks, and whites; however, even though he struggles to distinguish between green and red, he uses the donuts as a basis and clean slate for trying out different color combos to decide which ones he likes and feels works the best! How cool is that, right?!

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If you know his work or have seen him before, let us know how he is! Also, what is your favorite donut type and where do you get it from? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Donut disappoint us.