Devils Backbone Brewing Company wants to pay you to hike and drink beer

Devils Backbone wants to pay you to hike and drink beer

Have you ever wanted to get paid to drink beer? Do you enjoy the great outdoors and hiking? Then Devils Backbone Brewing Company has the kind of offer you won’t want to miss.

In an effort to find a Chief Hiking Officer (CHO), the brewing company, which is based out of Virginia, is offering to make someone’s dream come true. So, what does this mean?

It means that Devils Backbone is looking to pay someone to hike the Appalachian Trail and drink beer. And when I say they are paying you, I mean that there is a $20,000 stipend attached to this endeavour.

What is Devils Backbone offering

The lucky person chosen to be their CHO will not only get $20,000, but they will also get new gear as well. The brewing company will also be flying their CHO to the trailhead and even throwing some parties along the way.

Essentially Devils Backbone is looking for someone who will drink beer as part of an effort to get their thoughts on the product, who will also take part in a 2,200 mile hike, sharing your experience on social media along the way. This means that not only do you have to love beer, you also have to love hiking and nature.

In order to qualify for this epic experience, you will need experience in hiking or another related adventure activity. Since you will be hiking from Maine to Georgia, it definitely makes sense that they would want someone with hiking knowledge and experience. And perhaps unsurprisingly, you need to be over 21 (makes sense since this involves beer).

The hunt for their CHO kicked off on June 1, and you will need to tell the brewery why this is the job for you.

If you love beer and hiking, this may be the best way to capitalize on these two passions. And since the hike doesn’t take place until 2021, you have plenty of time to get ready for the experience.

Check out the Devils Backbone page and tell us what you think of this opportunity. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on their hunt for a CHO.