Have you heard about the new crowdsourced, equality-themed stout?

New “Black Is Beautiful” stout is making an on-point yet delicious statement

In many industries, competitors are simply competitors within the same space. They do not work together, let alone acknowledge each other’s presence on a grand scale. However, things are often different within the beer world, where collaborations are not only commonplace but also expected from craft brewers. And their latest collaboration, Black is Beautiful, is all about making a statement.

The current campaign against racial inequality within the United States has made people take notice on a grand scale, with numerous campaigns and protests organized overseas. This is also happening within the beer community as brewers all over are currently part of an initiative called Black Is Beautiful.

What is the Black is Beautiful stout initiative?

This initiative consists of these brewers selling a particular stout beer with a matching label. Profits from the sales of this stout are being donated towards local organizations which support reform against police brutality and also the legal defenses of individuals affected by wrongful incarceration.

The Black Is Beautiful initiative was reportedly started by Marcus Baskerville of the San Antonio, Texas-based Weathered Souls Brewing Company. Said Baskerville in an interview this month: “As a father and Black business owner, I wanted to figure out a way to give back. I didn’t participate in the protests, and so I kind of felt disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to get out there and be there for the cause.”

Immediately onboard with Baskerville was Jeff Stuffings of the Austin, Texas-based Jester King Brewery. Designer Kevin Dyer of KD Designs promptly came onboard to create the label for Black Is Beautiful, which all participating brewers are encouraged to use. The Dyer-designed labels for the beer are available to download online for various can and bottle sizes.

Brewers are able to add their logo and other information to the right corner of the existing label so that they can make it brand-specific to their brewery. Per an interview published with Dyer: “I thought the idea of locking pieces showed that they are all different but one — the solidarity of it.”

As not all breweries are able to print in-house, digital agency The Creative Mango has also stepped up to help the cause. Any brewer who prints its Black Is Beautiful labels through The Creative Mango will get a discount. Meanwhile, branding, marketing, and design studio Stout Collective — which worked on 2018’s All Together campaign website — has already offered to assist with the “Black Is Beautiful” campaign.

Per the stout beer itself, Weathered Souls is offering a recipe for a 10 percent ABV stout that any brewery ought to be able to make. More information on this stout can be found online at the Black is Beautiful website.

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