Ice Cream: Which brand is best and where to get it

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Mac and Cheese

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for The World Around)

Which brand of ice cream is the best, and where can we find it?

We are diving head-first into summer, so ice cream is definitely on our minds. Let’s determine which brand is the best and where to get the best around!

If you’re like me, ice cream is one of your favorite desserts because it goes well as a stand-alone dessert; however, it goes well on top or inside of just about anything else dessert-related as well (and trust me, who wouldn’t want that)!

With Summer literally peaking its head right around the corner, let’s have a nice discussion on which brands of ice cream are supreme, and also some places to get some of the best (keep in mind, I’m near Lake County, IL). While most of these places will be local to me, I will also be throwing in some other locations across the mid-west as well!

From ice cream parlors to hidden gems, and all the way to the frozen section of your grocery store to find the King and Queen pints, we will be discussing all-things ice cream and ice cream related!!

Whether you’re a plain person or if you like your ice cream to be loaded with toppings and mix-ins, this list will surely have you covered, so stick around for some sweet and deliciously cold fun!

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