Arby’s menu: Fast food chain adds 3 new Fresh Wraps

General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's)
General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's) /

The Arby’s menu now has three new Fresh Wraps you’ll want to try

According to Chewboom, Arby’s tested a few of these Fresh Wraps in select locations in Tennessee late last year. It appears some of these were a hit, despite not expanding its testing, as the Arby’s menu has now quietly added its Market Fresh Wraps.

Are these available in your area? What are they, exactly? We’ve got all the answers for you, below!

If you have been searching for a new meal to try, Arby’s is here for you with three new additions. And if what you have been craving is something that will help you keep up with a summer bod, look no further than Arby’s menu.

Arby’s menu: All about the new Fresh Wraps

The new Market Fresh Wraps are available at participating locations nationwide and there are three of these:

  • The Creamy Mediterranean Chicken Wrap
  • The Chicken Club Wrap
  • Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap

All three are chicken, but their other ingredients are what makes them perfect for standing out to each taste bud’s needs. For the most “average” wrap there’s the Chicken Club Wrap if you don’t want to venture out to new flavors.

Want a kick of extra flavor to the average wrap? There’s the Creamy Mediterranean wrap. And, finally, for some spice, try the Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap. It’s a mouth full, literally and figuratively!

To get one as part of a meal, it’ll cost you about $9.39, depending on the market. And if you only want the wrap, that’ll be $6.09 for the Chicken and Jalapeno, but $5.89 for the Creamy Mediterranean.

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Which of the Market Fresh Wraps above sound the most appetizing? Will you be rushing to your local Arby’s to get one? They are only available for a limited time!