Subway menu: Roast beef and rotisserie chicken have been discontinued

Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken have been discontinued at Subway

The iconic sub shop has quietly discontinued two very popular meat options for their sandwiches. Subway no longer has roast beef or rotisserie chicken available, and friends are not happy.

Guilty Eats has been having a love and hate relationship with the fast food chain lately. First, they pull us in with their BOGO $5 Footlong, the unbeatable deal! Unfortunately, it was a bit too great, because the compnay pulled the promotion after a short time.

Soon after, Subway welcomed back another deal, $5 Footlongs when you order two. Not bad, but still not as great as the former promotion. Still, good enough for fans of the subs! We are reasonable people and will compromise.

However, now it turns out two popular meat options are no longer available. According to Chewboom, Subway has discontinued roast beef and rotisserie chicken. And judging from the tweets the source has attached to the news, customers aren’t happy.

Subway discontinues meat options

Some tweets are from Subway employees (or so they claim to be) and suggest that the meat price is too high to purchase at the moment. We’re not sure what the reason is, exactly, but if Subway wants to keep customers happy and coming back, they need to think of another, better promotion.

What has been your favorite deal at Subway? Would you like to see $5 Footlongs on the menu again is there another promotion you prefer? 

What are your go-to meat options at the sub shop? Will you miss roast beef and rotisserie chicken? Sound off in the comments!

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