5 cooking shows to watch on Netflix after you finish Crazy Delicious

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5 shows to watch on Netflix after Crazy Delicious

Have you jumped on the Crazy Delicious bandwagon over on Netflix? Have you watched the entire first season and decided it’s time to find something to watch next? Have no fear as there are plenty of options to choose from on Netflix alone.

And while there are a lot of unique shows on Netflix, we have picked five cooking and baking shows that feel like the perfect follow up to Crazy Delicious and the magic that it brought to our screens. With personalities such as Carla Hall and Jayde Adams helping to bring unique baking creations to our screens in every episode (Hall as a judge and Adams as host), you might feel like it would be hard to find a worthy follow up. However, we think these five shows give us just the right blend of whimsy and competition to act as your next binge watch.

Whether it is cooking or baking, these five shows are definitely worth binge watching next. And if you’ve already seen them, there is nothing that says you can’t binge them again!

5 Netflix cooking and baking shows to watch after Crazy Delicious

5. The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Short Sell: Honestly, when it comes to epic cooking and baking competitions on Netflix, we are hooked on everything U.K. related. And much like Crazy Delicious, The Big Family Cooking Showdown is another British cooking show that gives us an epic showdown of home cooks. This time though, we are making it a family affair.

Originally a BBC series, this cooking competition delivers passionate families who are clearly as devoted to food as we are, making us root for every single team on the show.

Netflix description:

In this unscripted series, families passionate about food serve up their most delicious dishes for the chance to be crowned Britain’s best home cooks.

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