Joey Chestnut sets out to beat his record at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Currently, Joey Chestnut’s record is 74 hot dogs. Will he beat it?

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest is arguably one of the most American events that there is to watch on TV. Annually, on the Fourth of July, people gather around the television to watch competitive eaters stuff their faces with hot dogs and wet buns, all in the setting of beautiful Coney Island. But unfortunately, like most summer events of 2020 this year, things will look just a tad bit different.

Instead of all of the crazy fans cheering on their favorite eater (obviously, that would be Joey Chestnut, if you ask me), and standing outside in the potential “Splash Zone” as they call it and love, this year’s Nathan’s event will take place indoors and without any sort of fan interaction/audiences.

Joey Chestnut has a lot to say, including his desire to eat more hot dogs.

Here’s one thing that Chestnut had to say about the change of pace this year:

There’s a little bit of a bonus ’cause we’re gonna be eating in air conditioning and there are less eaters, so they’re making less hot dogs so they might taste better. There’s a good chance that we might have better conditions for a world record and I’ma be pushing for it.

What a great attitude he’s got!

Needless to say, Joey believes that without all of the pressure of the fans cheering him on and expecting the most out of him, he truly thinks that he’ll be able to soar above his current record, which is set at 74 hot dogs in just a matter of 10 minutes, back in July of 2018.

Here’s what Chestnut had to say about beating his current record in an interview with TMZ:

This is gonna be a weird 4th of July, but I’ma make it memorable. My record is 74, 75 just sounds like a good number but we’ll see. If I’m feeling it, if I’m in the perfect rhythm, 77 is doable.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Joey Chestnut is one of the best eaters out there, as weird as that might be to say; however, I, like most Americans and people across the world, have faith and hope he beats his record for another crazy Summer 4th of July event.

If you need a reminder, here’s 2018’s Nathan’s event, where Chestnut set his current record.

If you’re bored of hot dogs, check out Chestnut eating 10 lbs. of baked beans.

Let us know down in the comments who you’re favorite professional eater is, and why it’s not Joey Chestnut!

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