Auntie Anne’s menu: Don’t miss out on the new Peach Lemonade Frost

Auntie Anne’s may be known for its pretzels, but don’t you dare sleep on their new Peach Lemonade Frost!

Yes, Auntie Anne’s may be the queen of pretzels. The beautiful and delicious aroma pulls us in from a mile away! You can’t go by an Auntie Anne’s and not stop by for a pretzel (or three), and let’s not even get started on the tasty Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets!

Which Auntie Anne’s menu item is your favorite? Did you know the chain also has great smoothies and drinks? It’s true! The pretzel treats are unbeatable, but don’t you sleep on their beverages.

Chewboom reports that Auntie Anne’s is expanding their seasonal Lemonade Frost menu by including Peach Lemonade Frost. And, to be honest, they had me at Peach!

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Peach is the perfect summer fruit and treat. You think of peach and you can’t help but think of a refreshing and light snack, as well as the summer breeze. The Peach Lemonade Frost features Auntie Anne’s popular frozen lemonade mixed with a vanilla smoothie base that is topped with whipped cream and peach syrup.

Yeah, this isn’t the drink to enjoy if you are counting calories. But, come on, we are on quarantine (most of us), why not have a little fun? With 2020 canceled, so are summer bods! I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy one of these this weekend!

If peach isn’t your flavor, no problem. Auntie Anne’s also has these available in Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Mango, and Cherry. What will you be having? Peach and Mango for me all summer, please!

These are all available at your local Auntie Anne’s for $3.79 small or $4.29 medium, prices may vary by location. These drinks will only be available through summer 2020, so don’t miss out!