New at Starbucks: Try this Skinny Yellow Drink hack of summer

Here comes yet another delicious menu hack from Starbucks!

Now, of course some of you may be thinking that here comes yet another Starbucks food or drink hack that people create and it’s just gonna be another one of those secret menu things that people soon forget about.

However, while most of the secret menu drinks are full of all things bad and unhealthy, such as calories and sugars (sometimes unavoidable), this drink hack is not (hence, skinny in the name of it alone)!

This drink is full of cool flavors that are a most definite perfect marriage with drinking and the summer season. What could be better, am I right? Plus, a pretty fun color is added into the mix for yet another fun, cool, and Summery-type element in there as well!

Want to order a Skinny Yellow Drink at Starbucks? Here’s how!

Here’s how to order one of these delicious looking and sounding drinks at Starbucks:

  • Start yourself off by ordering an Unsweetened Green Tea Lemonade with light lemonade
  • Then, ask for light Coconut Milk, one Agave, and two Stevia Packets

Seems pretty simple right? Well, the best part is that the entire venti drink is only 80 short calories, so if you get a smaller size, then you’d be saving even more calories, to begin with!

In addition to the skinny version of this delicious Yellow Drink, there’s also a non-skinny version of the recipe on, just in case you feel like truly treating yourself one moment! 

If you end up trying this or want to, please be sure to let us know your thoughts on skinny vs. non-skinny versions of the soon-to-be beloved and move on over Pink Drink, Yellow Drink!


Also, for a little poll question here, what’s your most favorite colorful drink at Starbucks? Be sure to let us know down in the comments below so we can debate all about it!