Witches Brew Kit Kat coming this Halloween

Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova
Hershey's Fall and Halloween candy. Image courtesy Sandy Casanova /

Kit Kat bringing new witches brew this Halloween

Fall has not even started yet, but new Halloween candy has already begun to be announced. While you won’t see it in stores until late September or early October, candy brands are showing off their new sweet treats now to get us all ready for the spooky season. Kit Kat is the latest to bring out their new Halloween-themed flavor and while other brands might be bringing out the pumpkin, Kit Kat is getting witch-y.

The new Witches Brew Kit Kat doesn’t look like any Kit Kat you’ve ever seen. It might still have the two bars, but other than that, it looks quite different. The bars are pale green and according to Delish, the outer shell tastes like marshmallows! This is definitely for those who like white chocolate.

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They come in a purple and black wrapper with a classic green witch with a cauldron of purple potion. The inside crunch is still the same (thank goodness), so if you’re a die-hard Kit Kat lover, you don’t need to worry about any weird filling or anything.

Once the Halloween season gets closer, you’ll most likely be able to find these in stores or online. A bag of the mini chocolate bars goes for about $3.89.

KitKat’s new Halloween candy is pale green and tastes like marshmallow

As I am not a white chocolate lover, I will probably be passing on these, but they do look really cool! They look like glow sticks before you crack them. If these actually glowed in the dark…that would be another story, but as they’re just marshmallow-flavored white chocolate, I’ll stick with the classic milk chocolate Kit Kat (or the dark chocolate one! YUM!).

But this is not the only new Halloween candy Hershey’s is bringing out this year. You’ll also see Cookies n’ Creme Fangs, Vampire Hershey’s Kisses (filled with strawberry creme), and Reese’s Peanut Butter “franken-cups” that are half regular chocolate and half green creme. I don’t know about you, but I love how gory those Hershey’s Kisses sound! Whoever is in research and development clearly knows what the people want.

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