Olive Garden menu: Dare you to order the giant Chicken Parmesan

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, photo courtesy Olive Garden /

Olive Garden has brought back its giant Chicken Parmesan, and you’ll need a big appetite to take it on

Are you up for a challenge, foodie? You are going to need one big appetite and your favorite stretchy pants (because we all have several, right?). Delish is giving us the scoop on the latest dish to arrive at Olive Garden!

One of our favorite restaurants has brought back a giant portion of chicken parmesan. Seriously, it’s probably bigger than your head and large enough to share with someone else. Who doesn’t love a cheesy and tasty chicken parmesan? I know I do.

But does that mean I’m willing to take on the challenge of chowing down Olive Garden’s giant chicken parmesan? Hmm, I’m not so sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a fun challenge! As a foodie, I’m also open to trying out new flavors and different treats (even from other parts of the world). However, this one is making me think twice. It’s not that I won’t love it, I already do, but I could never eat Olive Garden’s giant chicken parmesan by myself! Who wants to take this on with me?

For those who aren’t familiar with the Giant Chicken Parmigiana, it’s about 11.5 inches long and is topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. On top of that, as if all of that wasn’t already enough, it comes with fettuccine Alfredo on the side.

Still hungry? You’ll still get to enjoy breadsticks and a salad if you wish. I feel full just thinking about it! Are you up for taking on all this food?

If your answer is a big yes, head on over to Olive Garden. The restaurant didn’t make a huge announcement about it, it seems like this is a quiet return, which is strange. Why such a small deal out of something this big?

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Check your local Olive Garden to be sure that it’s serving it! This could only be at participating locations. Enjoy!