Hostess Tiger Tail Twinkies are back exclusively at Walmart and they got a little makeover too

Tiger Tail Twinkies are coming exclusively to Walmart for a limited time. Image Courtesy Walmart
Tiger Tail Twinkies are coming exclusively to Walmart for a limited time. Image Courtesy Walmart /

Hostess Tiger Tail Twinkies are back at Walmart

On July 21, Hostess Twinkies fans are going to be getting a new flavor to enjoy for a limited time. And while this isn’t the first time that their Tiger Tail Twinkies have been released, they definitely got a makeover for this Walmart exclusive!

In a press release from Walmart, we learned that the Tiger Tail Twinkies will feature the standard golden sponge cake that we are all familiar with, however it is the interior that gets kicked up a notch. The filling for these Twinkies is actually an orange creme, that is fluffy and even rather colorful.

Hostess Tiger Tail Twinkies may not be new, but this flavor is

If you remember the original Tiger Tails, then you know this flavor is a definite change. Originally, the Tiger Tails from Hostess featured a coconut creme filling and a topping of raspberry.

This time around, by making the flavor an orange, it allows these Twinkies to really leave up to their name in some small way. Of course, the fact that the packaging features a tiger print also helps add to the whole theme of this sweet treat.

We are pretty excited by this Walmart exclusive, as it also means that a box of 10 Hostess Twinkies will be around $2.86 each, which is a bit of a steal for fans of these treats.

Honestly, if you loved the original Tiger Tails that were actually discontinued in 2013, according to Chew Boom, you may want to give these a try, even though the flavor really is completely different. And if you are a fan of orange creme, then this is definitely a flavor for you.

We are loving all of these special releases coming from Walmart, especially the exclusives. And we think it is a lot of fun that they are the official home of the Hostess Tiger Tails Twinkies.

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What do you think of these limited edition Twinkies? Will you be snagging a box or two of these? What do you think of these flavors? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.