Hershey’s Superhero Pack is all you need this Halloween

Hershey’s Superhero Pack. Image Courtesy Sam's Club
Hershey’s Superhero Pack. Image Courtesy Sam's Club /

Hershey’s Superhero Pack is here for all your Halloween needs

Searching for a one-stop, quick Halloween treat pick-up? Hershey’s Superhero Pack is here for you! The pack of chocolates is all you need for the superhero or Halloween creature in your home. And if you think it’s too early to chat and plan Halloween treats, exit now!

We are not sure what the future holds thanks to COVID-19, but, chances are, Halloween won’t be celebrated the way we have all grown used to. It’s doubtful that children (young and old, thank you very much) will be out on the streets trick-or-treating. And festivals and fall carnivals? Forget about it.

It’s sad, I know, but we must make the most of it and enjoy it as best as we can. And to do this, Hershey’s is one of the best brands we can think of.

We have already covered Hershey’s deliciously haunting fall and Halloween lineup of treats. For everything to expect this coming season, check HERE. My faves are the Kisses and Kit Kats, but there’s something for everybody.

But if you thought that’s all Hershey’s had in store, think again! There are more tricks up their sleeve!

Hershey’s Superhero Pack. Image Courtesy Sam’s Club
Hershey’s Superhero Pack. Image Courtesy Sam’s Club /

All about Hershey’s Superhero Pack

The Superhero Pack from Hershey’s is exclusively available at Sam’s Club for $24.98 and includes 36 full-sized bars! That’s right, no bit-size or tiny portions here. The Superhero Pack is what everyone wishes they would get on Halloween, giant candy.

In the Hershey’s Superhero Pack you will get Kit Kat Bar Bars, Reese’s Franken Cups, and Hershey’s Superhero-themed bars. So whether the kid at home loves superheroes or is into Frankenstein this year, you’re covered.

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How will you be celebrating this year? Are you hoping things settle down to have a small party at home or are you prepared to continue practice social distancing? Either way, Hershey’s is here to make it a great (and delicious) Halloween.