Avaline from Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power is the summer wine we need

Avaline Founders Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz. Image Courtesy Justin Coit
Avaline Founders Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz. Image Courtesy Justin Coit /

Avaline is the “clean wine” we need this summer

Have you ever gone on a hunt for wine that was not only organic and free of unnecessary additives but also vegan? Have you found it a challenge to find what some might call a “clean wine?” If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re going to want to read all about Avaline wine.

Avaline is a line of wines that comes to us courtesy of Cameron Diaz and her friend, Katherine Power (a successful entrepreneur known for Who What Wear). And while you can say what you want about celebrities getting into the alcohol business, the definitely bring the star power  and attention that the industry needs at times.

Currently there are two wines available in the line from Avaline, a rosé and a white wine. Although, both Diaz and Power have made it clear that they are planning to expand their offerings in the future. (Fingers crossed for a Moscato and of course red.)

In a press release about this launch, we learned that Avaline is all about giving us wines that are vegan-friendly, made using grapes that are organically grown, and free of any additives that are not necessary. It is all of this that helps to give these wines their title of “clean wines.”

Avaline is giving us two must try wines to make summer better

While Avaline might be a celebrity wine, that doesn’t mean it is out of our budget or even hard to get. In fact, it seems that you can snag bottles of this wine from retailers in at least 43 states, as well as on their website. And price wise, we are looking at $24 per bottle, which seems like a bit of a steal for a wine that is not only delicious, but also vegan-friendly.

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At this point there are only two varieties of this wine, but both are perfect for summer fun. Up first, we have to talk about the Avaline Rosé, which is made in France and features a base of zesty citrus and melons.

This wine offers a perfect sip every time, especially with just how light and smooth it tastes. As a fan of rosé, this is the wine I was most excited about, and I was not disappointed. In fact, this might just be the ultimate summer wine because it is truly refreshing and light.

Then there is the Avaline White, which is a dry, crisp wine from Spain. It has a lower alcohol percentage per volume and is described as being almost “too easy to drink.”

The white wine really is perfect for people who love a dry wine with lighter summer dishes, such as fish or veggies.

I love the look of these bottles, as they are just as crisp and clean as the wines themselves. And the fact that they have such an excellent mouth feel just seals the deal on these wines being a tasty addition to the summer drink rotation.

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Have you seen Avaline wine yet? What do you think of the idea of a clean wine? Will you be giving Avaline a try this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments.