Taco Bell menu: Some fans are not happy with recent menu decisions

Yes, it’s sadly true! Taco Bell is discontinuing some very popular menu items!

Throughout this past week, Taco Bell made the super unfortunate announcement of the discontinuance of some of their most loyal and popular menu items. Among them, are literally every potato-based dish on the menu (probably some of the saddest food-related news of 2020 if you’re asking me).

From newly made Twitter accounts to petitions being made, and even funny reaction videos to such news, I’d think that it’s pretty safe to say that fans are not happy (some mad, and some sad). Throughout this, we’ll be diving deep into some of the best, funniest, and downright saddest reactions that we’ve seen out there thus far.

If you’re sad about Taco Bell too, like everyone else, then stay tuned for more!

To begin here, we’re gonna start with some of the best tweets and other social media remarks that have been made since the announcement was made.

For instance, @acidhunk on Twitter didn’t really say much; however, they did give some sort of lead to how they’re feeling, based on the video that they provided within their tweet as well (and, yes, let me tell ya, it made me laugh in all honesty). Check it out down below here:

I’m not gonna lie, if you’re reading this @acidhunk, I’m with ya. So, if you need backup, call me!

Here are just a few more people who are upset just over the potato items alone:

As far as the second tweet goes, I’d really like to know what went through Taco Bell’s mind when they just decided to kill off all of the potato-based items on the menu. Survival of the fittest I guess, huh?!

Here’s one more who shares their love and disgust (at Taco Bell of course) for getting away with eliminating potato items, as well as the Quesarito itself from their menus:

To close out here, I’d like to share a Taco Bell potato fan account that has my heart and a follow from yours truly.

Let me know how you personally feel about Taco Bell’s recent menu changes, and who on the internet you connect with their opinion! Also, what’s your take on Taco Bell’s potato items?

Let me know down the comments below (unless of course, you don’t think their potato menu items are good).