Cheetos Mac & Cheese: Ranking all three bold flavors

New Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese. Image Courtesy Cheetos
New Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese. Image Courtesy Cheetos /

The cat is out of the bag, you can now have Cheetos Mac & Cheese! Which flavor is best?

If you love all things Cheetos, you are going to love their latest creation. The iconic chip brand is now taking over a traditional lunch meal, Mac & Cheese!

The brand sent all three flavors to me and I quickly tried each of them out. Even my kiddo wanted to help me taste-test these, but he did regret diving into two of these flavors (details on this soon!). Now, I love Cheetos! Regular cheesy Cheetos and Hot Cheetos are my jam. They are my go-to chips when I want a snack.

When I have a bag of Cheetos, calories do not matter. And with quarantine and the state of the world at the moment, let’s just say my pantry is currently stocked with a nice variety of these snacks.

Now, back to business. How much do these cost, where and when can you find them, and, most importantly, are they any good? Here are my thoughts!

New Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese. Image Courtesy Cheetos /

Ranking all three bold flavors of the Cheetos Mac & Cheese

First up, I sampled Bold & Cheesy. Yes, I played it safe and went for the most simple of them all. My thoughts were that these were going to taste extra cheesy and very similar to the chip alone. I was right.

My kiddos love these! Now, I don’t always allow them to snack on Cheetos, but they are still familiar with the flavor so they agreed that the two products are similar. These are sooo cheesy and you can smell the Cheeto powder as you mix it in.

Next up, I sampled the Cheesy Jalapeno. My brave kid was down to try them, the other was not. Needless to say, neither of them turned out to be a fan. I have to admit, I’m not into the Cheesy Jalapeno chips, so I didn’t think I would enjoy the Cheesy Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, either. But I was wrong!

Guys, this is actually really, really good! I can best describe the Cheesy Jalapeno as Mac & Cheese for adults! You get the original Mac & Cheese taste and texture with a kick of spice. I was pleasantly surprised.

Finally, I prepared the Flamin’ Hot Mac & Cheese. I was already a fan of adding Flamin’ Hot Cheetos powder to other foods. I’ve loved it in corn and other snacks, so I didn’t think Mac & Cheese would be any different. I wasn’t wrong, this time.

Flamin’ Hot Mac & Cheese are super tasty! The spicy taste you know and love in Mac & Cheese. It’s truly the perfect combination!

My ultimate ranking: 

  1. Cheesy Jalapeno
  2. Flamin’ Hot
  3. Bold & Cheesy

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Where to buy Cheetos Mac & Cheese

I have been told these are exclusively available in Walmart stores beginning Aug. 8! You can buy them in a box of cup format at the suggested retail price of $0.98 cents! In early 2021, the product may expand to more retailers nationwide.