Entangled Publishing brings their romance authors together for a special Romantic Recipes series on Instagram

Romantic Recipes with Entangled Authors. Image Courtesy Entangled Publishing
Romantic Recipes with Entangled Authors. Image Courtesy Entangled Publishing /

Entangled Publishing is hosting a Romantic Recipes series on Instagram

Romance authors are giving their readers something new to enjoy with the help of Entangled Publishing and their new Romantic Recipes series. In a summer when more and more people are finding themselves at home and cooking/baking, it makes sense for different platforms to offer up unique recipes and cooking series. And with the help of their Romantic Recipes series on Instagram, Entangled Publishing is doing just that.

This recipe series features some of the authors who write for Entangled Publishing sharing some of their current foodie creations. From the simple and fun (think Boonanas with author Mariah Ankenman) to the decadent and inspired, every episode of this recipes series is different.

The Romantic Recipes series from Entangled Publishing runs the gamut

Perhaps one of my favorite recipes in the series comes from Christi Barth, the author of Ruling the Princess. In her video posted to Instagram, she shared a recipe for a Saffron and pork pasta. Not only do we see her whipping up this dish in the video, but they also share a link to the original recipe from Bon Appetit.

Watching Barth cooking up this pasta dish was enough to make my mouth water. And it was nice to get a tip we don’t often see, such as when she pointed out that a recipe like this only requires a pinch of saffron that has been soaking in water for 30 minutes. Also, I was totally here for the fact that she kicked her cooking off with a large glass of red wine!

You can watch Christi Barth’s video here:

Another recipe that caught my attention was courtesy of author Lindsey Duga, who wrote Glow of the Fireflies. Her recipe was for a lemon-glazed matcha shortbread cookie (and as a fan of all things lemon and matcha lattes, this was definitely one I watched on repeat!).

Not only did this recipe actually seem pretty doable, but it also sounded and looked delicious. Of course, the fact that this is a sweet treat recipe certainly helps. Seriously, if you like lemon and matcha, check out the video on the Entangled Publishing Instagram account, you won’t regret it.

One author, Ophelia London, even shared how to make French Bread from scratch, which was crazy. As a bread lover, this is not a recipe I was expecting, but not only was I impressed, I was also inspired.

Honestly, French Bread and romance seem to go hand in hand, so this recipe made perfect sense as part of the Romantic Recipes series. And while I haven’t given this a try just yet, maybe that will be our next cooking experience.

Yes, there were other desserts, main dishes, and even cocktail recipes shared in this series. And that means that if you are looking to try something new, this might be the Insta series for you.

With a number of recipes and authors taking part in this series, this is a great way to not only have some fun in the kitchen, but also spark a bit of romantic creativity. Whether you love a good romance book or you just enjoy cooking, check out the Romantic Recipes series on the Entangled Publishing Instagram, you might just find your next great read or foodie dish.

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