National Cherry Popsicle Day is the perfect time to snag a box of Popsicle Double Pops

Frozen II minis from Popsicle, photo provided by Popsicle
Frozen II minis from Popsicle, photo provided by Popsicle /

National Cherry Popsicle Day is Aug. 26

Is there anything better than a cherry popsicle on a warm summer day? How about enjoying a double pop? And just in time for National Cherry Popsicle Day (yes that is actually a thing), we can enjoy a classic from our childhood in three classic flavors.

According to an email we received from Popsicle, a single tweet that ended up going viral helped launch a movement to “#BringBacktheDouble.” And of course, the company listened. But that’s not all they did, as they also asked fans what flavors they would want to see from the Double Pop.

It turns out that there are three flavors that fans wanted the most – cherry, banana, and orange. And while I am not sure how I feel about a banana popsicle, I am totally here for a cherry one.

Double Pops are the perfect way to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day

With the return of the double pops, we get a chance to share our icy cold treat with a friend or someone we love (in theory) or we can get double the sweetness all for ourselves. And I will admit that I am okay with not splitting my Double Pop with anyone.

Of course, the fact that Aug. 26 is National Cherry Popsicle Day also means that this is the time when we want to indulge in this icy treat without having to share with anyone. And double the cherry goodness is never a bad thing.

Even though summer may be coming to an end, popsicles are still here to sweeten up our days and make sure that we enjoy those final hot days of the season. And that means we need to snag a box or two of Double Pops so that there are plenty of Cherry pops in the freezer waiting for us.

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Did you know that Aug. 26 was National Cherry Popsicle Day? Are you a fan of this flavor? Are you a fan of the Double Pops as well? Tell us what you think in the comments.