Teeccino’s new wellness blends need to be your new guilty pleasures

Teeccino wellness blends. Photo Credit: Sandy Casanova
Teeccino wellness blends. Photo Credit: Sandy Casanova /

We are pausing our guilty pleasures here at Guilty Eats to bring you something your health will be thankful for, Teeccino.

Teeccino recently launched two wellness blends that feature adaptogenic mushrooms and botanicals and probiotic herbs. Is a win or a fail? Here are our thoughts!

Normally, we gravitate towards guilty eats such as fast food and other sugary and/or salty snacks, and can you blame us? We are Guilty Eats, after all. But true foodies appreciate a healthy and tasty treat from time to time! So we’ve given Teeccino a chance.

Early last month, I received various samples of these new herbal coffees and teas. Admittedly, I was skeptical, at first. The flavors just didn’t call out to me. When it comes to tea and coffee, I’m a simple gal.

Teeccino wellness blends. Photo Credit: Sandy Casanova /

I like your typical green tea and vanilla iced coffee. So my taste buds weren’t particularly excited about flavors like Mango Lemon Balm or Turkey Tail Asparagus. Had I learned about these flavors while going over a menu of teas and coffees, these never would have been my choice. So I’m glad my work has opened my picky taste buds to new flavors and experiences!

Teeccino: Win or fail?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Any food or drink, especially bold flavors like the ones Teeccino offers, will always depend on your particular tastes.

Coming from someone who appreciates a good tea, but nothing too crazy, I can honestly say I enjoyed most of the flavors Teecino offers, and I’ll list them below:

  • Macadamia Nut (bold flavor, feels energizing)
  • Mango Lemon Balm (full of flavor, soothing)
  • Reishi Eleuthero (very calming)
  • Turkey Tail Astragulus (surprisingly sweet)

This isn’t to say all others are bad, I just didn’t care for them. Don’t take my word for it, though, check them out for yourself!

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Verdict: If you are a fan of tea, coffee, and new flavors, I highly recommend these. Otherwise, if you consider yourself to be picky and simply not into teas, skip it!