Buffalo Wild Wings upgrades its menu with four new sauces and more

Buffalo Wild Wings adds 4 new sauces to revamped menu. Image courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings adds 4 new sauces to revamped menu. Image courtesy Buffalo Wild Wings /

Buffalo Wild Wings has always had an amazing selection of sauces, but what’s four more?

When it comes to the foodie world, the more the merrier I always say! Buffalo Wild Wings, one of our favorite places to get winds from, just debuted four new sauces to increase your options.

In a world where we don’t get to celebrate much, this is definitely a win! And these days, we need all the wins we can get, am I right? And if you have ever wanted to dip your wings into a sauce that tastes like pizza, well, there’s that, too!

From Pizza Wings to a new Lemon Pepper sauce, below we share all the details about the new sauces at BWW!

What’s new at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Just in time for the fall season, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving its menu a  lift with new wing sauce flavors, Cauliflower Wings, and a revamped salad platform.

Let’s dip into the sauces first! The new additions are: Orange Chicken, Lemon Pepper, Carolina Reaper Blazin’, and Pizza Wings.

From the press release, the Orange Chicken sauce “delivers an Asian comfort food experience with a sweet, orange citrusy flavor.” It is served with a special BWW fortune cookie! The Lemon Pepper sauce is a wet version or the dry Lemon Pepper sauce you already know. It blends lemon with black pepper and butter.

The Carolina Reaper Blazin’ sauce turns up the heat by featuring the world’s hottest pepper! It’s blended with even more hot sauce, vinegar, and red bell pepper with onion. I’m thirsty already!

Finally, the Pizza Wings put the pizza vs wings debate to rest. The press release shares that this is “the ultimate football food.” The taste features Garlic Parmesan sauce dusted with tomato powder and basil.

Then there are the Cauliflower Wings that are dipped into Asian Zing sauce and topped with pretzel spice, sesame, garlic, salt, pepper, Fresno pepper, and scallions.

To top it off, BWW is offering free delivery on any order placed online or via the Buffalo Wild Wings app Sept. 10-Sept. 30.

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Are you feeling hungry yet? What’s your favorite sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings?