Sad Peeps news: There will be no Halloween or Christmas Peeps for 2020

Halloween and Christmas are canceled for Peeps

Another tragedy has befallen 2020 and it comes in the form of no Halloween or Christmas-shaped Peeps. Yep, you read that right. If you were excited about munching on some pumpkin or Christmas tree-shaped marshmallows, you’re out of luck as Just Born, the company behind Peeps, will not be producing any this year.

Why will we be missing the sugared marshmallow treats? It’s all down to the coronavirus and the pandemic like everything else.

The company stopped production earlier this year in order to protect their employees. They won’t start making the sugary marshmallow candy in time for the rest of the holidays this year. This means we won’t see them in the stores until 2021.

And it won’t be early next year either. According to the source, the company is currently only working on meeting the demands for Easter 2021, so no heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day, either.

Halloween and Christmas Peeps will be back next year

If you’ve come to love the monster, pumpkin, ghost, cat, tree, gingerbread, or snowman-shaped marshmallows, you’ll have to wait until next year. But think about how good those Peeps will taste after being without them for so long.

While lots of people will miss the candy this year, it’s good to actually see a company care about their employees enough to stop production. They aren’t making them work just so they can meet their bottom line.

JunkFoodMom on Instagram was the first to announce the news when they posted a message from the Blair Candy website. Blair Candy is a partner of Just Born. This is the first time the Halloween Peeps won’t be available since they were first introduced back in 1958.

The Halloween and Christmas-themed marshmallows are still available on certain websites like Amazon, but they’re most likely from last year, and while the candy does last a long time, you might just want to wait for the new ones instead of going for last year’s leftovers. I like stale Peeps as much as the next person, but year-old ones are kind of pushing it.

Will you miss Peeps this Halloween and Christmas? What is your favorite shape? Let us know in the comments below!