Walmart gives us a fiery flavor of Eggnog this year

Fireball Eggnog. Image courtesy Walmart
Fireball Eggnog. Image courtesy Walmart /

Walmart brings the heat with newest eggnog offering

If you love Eggnog or Fireball, or maybe even both, then you will definitely want to head to Walmart this holiday season for their latest offering. After all, who wouldn’t want to snag a carton of Fireball Holiday Nog?

If you love eggnog, you love it. And if you don’t like it, well you really don’t like it. Honestly, there are very few in between feelings when it comes to this seasonal drink, no matter what flavor we are talking about, because yes, there are different flavors of eggnog available.

But now, Walmart is doing their part to fire things up with a new flavor of eggnog that is everything we want in 2020 and more. Introducing Walmart‘s new Fireball Holiday Nog, which may not have any alcohol in it, but is perfectly set up to give us epic sips this holiday season.

Walmart introduces the world to Fireball Holiday Nog in 2020

According to a press email from the company, Walmart is dropping this new eggnog flavor in a store near you this month, this eggnog is a seasonal offering that will not be around for long, but should be here through December. And while it doesn’t contain Fireball, it does give us that spicy hint we expect from the cinnamon liquor.

Honestly, this release is pretty exciting because it actually leaves me ready to add Fireball to my next glass of eggnog. So now that there is a non-alcoholic take on this flavor profile, I don’t even need a designated driver to enjoy these flavors together.

At $2.98 per carton, this Fireball Holiday Nog is a steal of a deal, and is perfect for getting us into the holiday spirit a little bit earlier than normal. I can’t wait to snag a carton of this eggnog and curl up on the couch all season long.

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Are you excited by this new release from Walmart? Will you be picking up a carton of the Fireball Holiday Nog? Are you going to keep it non-alcoholic? Tell us what you think in the comments.