Did Gordon Ramsay really steal another chef’s recipe?

Recent headlines claim Gordon Ramsay stole another chef’s recipe, but did he really?

There isn’t anyone on Earth who doesn’t know the name Gordon Ramsay. The TV chef is known for his various cooking shows, amazing skills, and delicious recipes.

Recently, a source claimed that Ramsay stole Australian chef Mitch Orr’s signature recipe. Before you point any fingers (or cancel anyone), take this claim with a grain of salt! For starters, the source is The Sun.

Yeah, The Sun is known for starting unnecessary drama, but isn’t always right. I don’t believe this at all. Gordon Ramsay is incredibly talented and capable of creating his own recipes. However, chef Orr himself is the one who started the rumors. Let’s look at the evidence!

Did Gordon Ramsay steal a recipe?

On a post from Ramsay, sharing the recipe, chef Orr commented “looks familiar mate.” According to the source, Orr also said that it’s “standard etiquette” for chefs “to give credit where credit is due.”

The recipe is for a delicious looking Vietnamese braised pork carbonara. You can check both photos on Ramsay’s Instagram below, and Orr’s HERE.

Honestly, I can see the similarities, but Ramsay’s looks so much better! I’m not being biased, maybe Orr needs to take better photos, too. Ramsay’s appears more fresh and ready to eat while Orr’s looks oily and not nearly as healthy.

What do you think about these claims? Great minds think alike or was Ramsay truly inspired by Orr’s signature recipe? We’ll wait on Ramsay to comment about this himself.

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