5 best snacks to take on your next road trip

New Lay's Chips assortment. Image by Kimberley Spinney
New Lay's Chips assortment. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

The top 5 best snacks to take on a road trip

Recently, Eater wrote an article about the best snacks to eat on road trips, according to their editors. While most of their choices were acceptable (although, some were a little too healthy for our liking at Guilty Eats), some things were missing or simply needed more love.

So while we might not be going on a ton of trips right now, let’s talk about some of the best snacks you must have on your next road trip.

Sour Patch Kids

This list would be nothing without my one true love, Sour Patch Kids. They come in a bag or a box which makes them easy to eat in the car and they’re delicious. They are the perfect mix of sweet and sour and give you that boost after you’ve been in the car for 12 hours and feel like crawling out of your own skin. They’re also small enough that you can easily pop them in your mouth and not be distracted if you’re the one driving (not that we recommend this!).

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Snack Pack

When my family and I used to go to Florida when I was younger, my parents used to buy this huge box of different kinds of chips.

There were Doritos and Fritos and different flavors of potato chips. It was the best and a must on any road trip, especially if you’re going to be traveling for several days.

Snack packs contain a variety of different snacks and chips.

In the mood for some Doritos? They’re right there in your back seat. It’s the next day and you’re craving some sour cream and onion chips? Oh, just grab them from the box. They also make it easy to have a quick snack when you stop at a hotel.


This kind of goes along with the chips, but a bag of pretzels is a must on a road trip. And they come in so many flavors now that you can find a bag that fits whatever you’re in the mood for. And yes, I totally include chocolate-covered pretzels in this! I’d never leave out my fellow sweet tooth people. But if you’re more a savory person, they literally have pretzels in every flavor. Honey mustard, sourdough, cheddar cheese, and everything in between.

Chex Mix

Chex Mix is one of the most perfect snacks for any time, but especially for road trips. It’s everything you could want in one bag. Chex, pretzels, bagel chips, and breadsticks, and that doesn’t even get into the variety of flavors they have. They have almost as many flavors as they do in chips nowadays. Everything from cheese to honey nut to jalapeño cheddar and hot n’ spicy.

Will this mean you will also need something to drink because Chex Mix is one of the saltiest things on Earth? Yes. Grab some water or a soda before you start your trip.


Who doesn’t love Cheetos? They are utter cheesy goodness. And by Cheetos, I really mean any kind of puff snack that’s covered in cheese. You like cheese puffs? That totally counts here. Anything that’s crunchy, puffy, and cheesy and delicious fits in this category.

Will you probably get cheese dust all over the car? Well, yeah, but it’s worth it for the wonderfulness that is this snack. Whether you like the full-on puffs, the skinny ones, the regular cheddar or the flaming hot, a road trip is nothing without a bag or two of Cheetos

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What is your favorite snack to bring on a road trip? Let us know in the comments below!