Fiery Friday Favorite: Paqui’s One Chip Challenge

The Paqui #OneChipChallenge. Image courtesy Paqui
The Paqui #OneChipChallenge. Image courtesy Paqui /

This Fiery Friday Favorite is our hottest edition yet thanks to Paqui’s One Chip Challenge, how hot are these chips?

The infamously hot tortilla chips have returned and it’s back with a vengeance, are your taste buds up for the challenge? Paqui sent us a package of goodies, including two of its fiery hot chips and we accepted the challenge. Well, sort of.

Whenever a product pleasantly surprises us, we give it our feature spot of Friday Favorite. But this Friday Favorite is not like any of the others, it’s a Fiery Friday Favorite, the first of its kind — and we truly don’t believe anything else can top it.

The Paqui #OneChipChallenge is back for 2020 and it’s daring the bravest spicy fans to take on a bite or two (or the whole chip) of this tortilla chip.

Are you up to it or need more details? Either way, we break down everything you need to know, below.

Where can you purchase the #OneChipChallenge from Paqui?

These are available at retail stores nationwide, including at 7-Eleven and Kroger stores. And beginning Sept. 22, you can also purchase them online, while supplies last.

How spicy is the #OneChipChallenge chip?

Think of the spiciest food you have ever had and multiply it by three. When I said I “sort of” accepted this challenge, is because I instead enlisted my husband and brother to battle it out.

I love hot sauce, spicy nuggets, and hot chips here and there, but  I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of spicy food. That said, I just knew I would not survive this challenge! Besides, it was a lot more fun watching (and filming) my husband and brother hold back tears.

The site and chip label advises that you wear gloves when handling the spicy chip to avoid getting any powder on your skin or eyes, and be sure you wash your hands with soap and water immediately after. Keep a cold glass of milk handy, too!

How much do the #OneChipChallenge chips cost?

These will be priced at just $6.99 a chip! Each package also includes a coupon for a free bag of Paqui’s everyday chips flavors, which I also received and enjoyed! But who is the Haunted Ghost Pepper flavor spicy!

The Paqui #OneChipChallenge. Image courtesy Paqui /

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The Haunted Ghost Pepper flavor is the spiciest and most popular flavor of Paqui’s chips. If I barely made it through those, imagine me taking on the challenge. No thanks!

Are you brave enough?