Costco joins other big name retailers in staying closed on Thanksgiving 2020

PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)
PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images) /

Costco staying closed on Thanksgiving day

Costco has decided to follow in the footsteps of other big retailers, such as Walmart, and keep their doors closed for Thanksgiving 2020. Although, this might not be news for shoppers who frequent the big box retailer. After all, most locations actually do keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving, as well as on Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Day, and even the Fourth of July.

In fact, while this is big news when we think about other stores that will also remain closed on Thanksgiving day 2020, the reality is that this is a day that Costco does tend to shut their doors in order to let their employees spend time with their families, according to Delish. Basically 2020 is just another year where the retailer is putting family first and we are definitely okay with that.

No Costco on Thanksgiving Day this year

While Costco may be keeping their doors closed on Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean that this should stop you from heading out to the store in the days leading up to the holiday. In fact, even now the retailer is bringing us plenty of goodies to turn our holiday into something special.

From their extra large pumpkin pies to plenty of holiday decor, Costco has what we need to make our Thanksgiving magical.

And of course, we can’t forget Black Friday. You can expect the big box retailer to open their usual hours, although you may want to call your local Costco to confirm this. They may surprise us and open a bit earlier to share all of the best sales and deals. (We could see stores open as early as 9 A.M.)

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Are you surprised that Costco will be staying closed on Thanksgiving Day? Will you be doing your early shopping at the retailer? What about Black Friday? Will you be making a trip to the store the day after Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments.