Applebee’s brings back two $5 Halloween drink favorites

Applebee’s has brought back a pair of favorite drinks that will get anyone in the Halloween spirit and they are only $5 each

Now that fall has officially arrived, Halloween-themed everything will be going into high gear, if it hasn’t already. Almost everyone will be trying to get you into the Halloween spirit, and that includes your local Applebee’s.

Now through Halloween, Applebee’s is bringing back two of their immensely popular scary drink specials and they both come in the gigantic “Mucho” glasses. And the best part? Both drinks will only set you back five bucks each.

The return of Applebee’s Halloween drinks is here!

As reported by Delish, first is the ominously named Dracula’s Juice. Not quite a margarita and not quite a daiquiri, it is a frozen drink that includes Patrón Tequila, Bacardi Superior, wildberry, and margarita mix.

One look at the finished drink and you’ll see why it got the name Dracula’s Juice.

The other drink is called a Tipsy Zombie and it’s a shockingly blue cocktail that includes Bacardi Superior and a float of Midori. Oh, and it also includes a gummy brain on top, which fans will remember from previous Applebee’s zombie-themed drinks.

The fact that each drink will only set you back $5 is enticing enough, but that to the pandemic, you can order one or both and pick them up to go. This means you can have a nice cocktail to go with that Halloween movie marathon you are planning with your significant other. It’s a win-win!

Both drinks will only be available until Halloween, so get them while the getting is good before everyone starts talking about Christmas-themed drinks.

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What do you think? Do either of these drinks sound like something you would want to try? Does one sound tastier than the other? Leave a comment below and let us know.