Perrier x Murakami collab: The pick-me-up beverage you need in 2020

Perrier x Murakami collab
Perrier x Murakami collab /

The lively Perrier and Murakami collab is everything we need after 2020

Perrier has teamed up with the iconic Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, marking the artist’s first beverage collab.

Murakami has reimagined the natural mineral water brand’s signature bottles and cans, creating a limited-edition line of Perrier Original. The new bottles and cans feature all things colorful, a pick-me-up that, after the year 2020, we all so desperately need.

If you are familiar with Murakami’s work, you may recognize this art. It’s always happy, colorful, and it features the characters KaiKai and Kiki.

Murakami is the latest artist to restyle the Perrier brand, and after the year 2020, it’s safe to say that we all need some cheering up so Murakami’s lively art couldn’t come at a better time.

Other artists that have reimagined the brand’s design, include Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. Is there an artist you would love to see try their hand at creating new designs for the water brand? Watch the animated film, below:

When will the Perrier x Murakami collab be available in stores?

Thirsty yet? I know I am! But we still have to wait before our taste buds can experience this fun and colorful collab. Here are more details!

According to the press release, the limited edition screen-printed glass bottles launch nationwide in Oct. 2020. And in early 2021, the full line of Perrier Original products will be released and sold at retailers nationwide.

About teaming up with Perrier, Murakami comments:

"“…today, when we can no longer unthinkingly hug, kiss, or shake hands, perhaps the stimulating sensation of the PERRIER® bubbles on our tongues will be even more heightened, as one of the enjoyable tactile experiences still available to us! “"

Perrier x Murakami collab /

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