Burger King’s retired menu items that must be brought back ASAP

A logo of Burger King is pictured outside its chain restaurant on June 9, 2020 in Leiden, Netherlands. (Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images)
A logo of Burger King is pictured outside its chain restaurant on June 9, 2020 in Leiden, Netherlands. (Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images) /

Are you a fan of Burger King? Help us bring back these fan-fave menu items!

Fast food joints such as Burger King are surely a favorite of people across and around the world. People have favorite menu items, and much like time itself, those menu items can come and go fairly quickly, and most of the time without much warning of any kind (ahem…Taco Bell, we’re talking to you, thank you very much, y’all).

Burger King is no exception to this fact, because over time, menu items have come and gone, been discontinued, and so on. Whether you like it or not, it’s just simply the truth.

Burger King has discontinued some of the most delicious-looking menu items!

Below, we will be diving into some of the most devastating blows to Burger King’s menu. From chicken, to burgers and beyond, there have been a lot of things that we wish we could bring back with the snap of a finger (which we would need the power of Thanos to accomplish).

Here are the items that need to be brought back ASAP for us all to enjoy, once again!

1. Cupcake Shake

The list had to begin here because through much research and figuring out some of the most fan-favorite and popular menu items, this one just sounded the most delicious to me. What’s better than combining a tiny cake (a cupcake) and a shake made from delicious yellow cake-flavored ice cream? Not much, I’ll tell ya that!

2. Shake ‘Em Up Fries

This particular menu item is one of those items that I never even knew existed in the first place, but I kinda wish that I had the chance to try them! Basically, what this was, was a fun little activity all in a box of fries. What these were, was an order of their classic fries with the cheese seasoning flavor packet of your choice, in which you yourself added the cheese and shook it up in a bag to your liking. The reason these were discontinued? They didn’t sell and do as well as BK had expected them to.

3. Crown-Shapes Chicken Nuggets

This menu item was first introduced back in 2006. Personally, I never even knew it existed until earlier this year when my boyfriend told me about them, and of course, I didn’t believe him because I had never heard of them. I guess the fans loved them so much and they certainly love them enough because there are handfuls of petitions out there to bring them back. Should they come back, I will be getting my hands on some pure gold, that’s for sure!

4. Chicken Tenders

This particular menu item is kind of BK’s take on the Chicken Selects from McDonald’s, which, holy cow, are super duper delicious. People loved them so much and called them “toasty and lightly-peppered”. Sounds delicious to me, am I right, folks?

5. Burger Shots

This menu item, in particular, is a meal/food item and a deal/discount all in one, so who doesn’t love that, right?! These were first available back in 2008, being sold in either 2-packs or 6-packs. They came with the corresponding amount of mini burgers (so, sliders), topped with a pickle slice. This was essentially BK’s attempt at being like White Castle.

6. Ribs

Made from real meat, these proved to be a huge hit with many Burger King fans. As a quick little fact here, BK sold roughly over 10 million orders of them. They sold so many that they ran out right before the limited edition time frame ran out.

7. Satisfries

This particular menu item is probably the most recent thing that has been discontinued from all BK menu items across the globe. Basically, what these are, are a healthier alternative to their classic fries with roughly 30 percent less calories than the normal french fries! Delicious and good for you!

8. Donut Holes

These were around just a few years ago, much like the Satisfries up above, but they obviously didn’t last too long (not long enough for me to try them). They came in 5-packs, all topped with a light, sweet, and sparkly plain glaze. Let’s bring these back and flavor them with fruits and maybe even some white chocolate as well!

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If you loved one of these items from Burger King’s past, or think we missed an item or two, then be sure to drop us a comment down below! And which of these sandwiches do you prefer – BK Chicken or BK Whoppers?