Will McDonald’s ever bring back their All Day Breakfast menu?

We miss hashbrowns from McDonald’s as a late-night snack, will the All Day breakfast ever return?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast all day, and we miss it! But a report from Business Insider shares that it may never return. At least, not any time soon.

Recently, McDonald’s brought back it’s Spicy McChicken Sandwich at select locations. But after we shared the news, some commented that they didn’t even know the Spicy McChicken left the menu.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Spicy McChicken Sandwich is one of my favorite meals from the  fast food chain, but clearly what fans want is for the All Day breakfast menu to return. How do you feel?

When will All Day breakfast return to McDonald’s?

According to the source, the All Day Breakfast, which offered some of our favorite breakfast menu items at any time of the day and night, may not return any time soon.

The fast food chain removed this menu across all stores at the beginning of the pandemic, sometime around March 2020, and hasn’t been back since. This happened due to the COVID-19 outbreak bringing significantly fewer customers to stores. To get people in and out quickly (via drive-thru), McDonald’s limited their options.

Not to mention, breakfast runs weren’t as popular since most people began working from home or no longer having a need to be out early in the morning.

Admittedly, I had McDonald’s breakfast for the first time in months just this week, so I can see why this decision was made. But plenty of us are out and about in the evenings and nights, and the craving for an Egg McMuffin or hashbrown does strike!

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Business Insider believes All Day Breakfast is gone for good, do you? The source also shares that McDonald’s employees do not want it back, as it allows them to work faster. We’ll keep you posted on the latest!