Yuengling and Hershey’s are back together and easier to try

Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter, photo provided by D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.
Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter, photo provided by D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. /

Yuengling and Hershey’s are renewing their collaboration with more availability

Yuengling and Hershey’s debuted the Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter last year and it was so successful, the two brands are back at it again. As reported by Delish, both sides are teaming up again for the sweetened brew and I am happy to welcome back the Yuengling Hershey’s Porter. This time, the beer will also be available to have in the comfort of homes.

The two iconic brands based out of Pennsylvania teamed up for the dessert beer in 2019. In last year’s run, the beer was only available on draft at bars and restaurants. The bar and restaurant locations were restricted to only 14 states which limited consumer consumption. The limited-edition release was so successful that it sold out in weeks despite being expected to last for about five months.

This year, the release will also include bottles to be sold in stores. The bottles will be available in states where Yuengling is currently sold which is currently 22 states. The beer is available now and is expected to last throughout the holidays. The run is intended to last until Valentine’s Day which you can cap off with a special chocolatey brew.

The Yuengling Hershey’s Porter utilizes the best of both of these worlds

The beer itself is made using Yuengling’s nearly 200-year old Dark Brewed Porter recipe and combines it with Hershey’s cocoa, syrup, and nibs for the chocolatey flavor during the brewing process. The process reportedly took nine months to develop before release last year. It’s a blend of Hershey’s chocolate flavor with Yuengling’s caramel and dark roasted malts. The beer ends with a smooth and rich chocolaty finish. According to both companies, the result is a beer that pairs well with everything from barbequed and smoked meats to cheeses and desserts.

In a recently released statement, Hershey’s senior director for global licensing Ernie Savo said:

"We’re happy to work with Yuengling to expand the availability of the chocolate porter and, better yet the Yuengling Hershey’s chocolate porter is available in bottles for the first time. Now our fans will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind beer collaboration in the comfort of their homes."

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Both sides are happy to be working together again and we can only hope this relationship continues long into the future. The added inventory for purchase availability in bottles for this year’s run is a nice addition to the partnership. Hopefully, as Yuengling continues to grow and expand its footprint across the US, more people will get the chance to sample this warm collaboration during the colder months of the year.