Krispy Kreme is celebrating Halloween with $1 dozens and spooky doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Sweet-or-Treat Dozen. Image courtesy Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Sweet-or-Treat Dozen. Image courtesy Krispy Kreme /

Krispy Kreme is ready for Halloween all October long

If ever there was a time to head to Krispy Kreme, October might just be the perfect month. From $1 dozens Saturdays to spooky doughnuts, it’s Halloween time all month long.

Of course, as doughnut lovers, we are always searching for a delicious deal. So, when Krispy Kreme sent out a press email unveiling their spooky deals for October, we were here for it.

In an epic answer to the apparent lack of Halloween fun that is expected in 2020, Krispy Kreme is offering their customers Sweet-or-Treat Saturdays! So what exactly is Sweet-or-Treat Saturdays?

Krispy Kreme is going all in with Sweet-or-Treat Saturdays

Every Saturday from Oct. 10 until Halloween, customers can head into their local Krispy Kreme in order to snag a $1 Sweet-or-Treat dozen. That dozen is typically just their glazed doughnuts, but in honor of all things spooky, one of the doughnuts in the mix will actually be their Jack-o’-Lantern Doughnut!

Honestly, 12 doughnuts for just $1 is a steal and we are here for it!

Of course, that’s not all Krispy Kreme is doing to celebrate Halloween, as they are also giving us a collection of Scary Sweet Monster Doughnuts starting on Oct. 5. The collection includes three very special doughnuts:

  • Wolfie Monster Doughnut – This is one of their original glazed doughnuts that also features chocolate kreme that was used to create a wolfie monster. There are also cinnamon sugar cereal pieces to make the ears and a piece of sugar to give us the face.
  • Drake Monster Doughnut – This is a raspberry filled doughnut that was then dipped into a light purple frosting and then decorated like a monster with sugary eyes and some sweet teeth.
  • Frank Monster Doughnut – For the Frank Monster, we have am original kreme filled doughnut that has been dipped in a green tinted icing. With the help of sprinkles, icing, and sugar pieces, we get a monster of a doughnut (although Frank is pretty darn sweet!).

Finally, we can’t help but mention that if you are a Halloween fan, then you’ll want to head to a Krispy Kreme on Halloween in costume in order to get a free doughnut of your choice!

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What do you think of how Krispy Kreme is celebrating Halloween? Will you be taking advantage of their $1 dozens or maybe snagging one of their monster doughnuts? Tell us in the comments.