Pumpkin-shaped pizzas are now at Aldi stores for Halloween

Pumpkin-Shaped pizzas this Halloween season? Sign us up, please!

Pizza is life, and to have one pumpkin-shaped this Halloween season has brought a lot of warmth to an otherwise cold year.

You can find these babies at your local Aldi’s, which will be the perfect addition to your alternative Halloween plans. Now, they’re not large, but they are perfect for the kiddos at home to enjoy. The pizza is shaped like a pumpkin, complete with a nervous-like smile and triangle-shaped eyes.

The pizza is topped with creamy butternut squash sauce and cheddar cheese, with the eyes made out of mozzarella and the crackly smile mascarpone cheese sauce.

All of this comes together for a taste that will thrill you out of your spine for Halloween.

Pumpkin-shaped pizza is the pizza to your season

The nasty coronavirus has changed all of our traditional Halloween plans. Many cities are strongly encouraging their residents not to go trick-or-treating, and numerous Halloween gatherings have been postponed to next year in order to stop the spread.

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That’s what makes these pumpkin-shaped pizzas so great, they’re here right on time for those stuck in the Halloween doldrums.

This could be the start of a new Halloween tradition with your friends or your family, making these bite-sized pumpkin pizzas the same way you gather around the stove to bake a turkey.

It could also pair up well with a scary movie night, ditching the traditional popcorn and upping the scare factor a bit.

Not only do these pizzas look scary good, but the price is also terrifying in its price. Just $4 will allow you to have your own pumpkin-shaped pizza just in time for the scary season.