Guilty pleasures: 10 of the most unhealthy foods

DiGiorno new Croissant Crust pizza, photo courtesy DiGiorno
DiGiorno new Croissant Crust pizza, photo courtesy DiGiorno /
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It might not be the healthiest thing to eat in the world, but one thing is for sure, Nutella is a gift from foodie heaven! This stuff goes great with anything! Apples, bread, crackers, strawberries, shakes, you name it!

If you noticed during that little mini rundown of things I suggest you should consider eating this with, I managed to name off some pretty healthy choices, but as I’ve mentioned before, Nutella is far from healthy despite at one point being labeled as such.

A quick glance at the ingredients on the back of the jar could spell that out for you with sugar listed as the first and main ingredient.

Before you go writing Nutella off as the worst (or best) guilty pleasure on this list, there are some things to take into consideration.

With all the healthy dishes that taste delicious with this product and given the fact that eating Nutella in small doses isn’t going to kill you, are you really going to stop? Of course not.