Subway is using Frank’s Red Hot to spice things up

Subway has launched two new grilled chicken sandwiches for sauce lovers

Subway has been known to never stay complacent with their menu as it feels like they have something going all of the time. No matter what you think about their bread, Subway always seems to be running some sort of promotion.

As reported by Chewboom, Subway’s latest promo includes the new Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

Both new sandwiches are here to help football lovers have another choice for fueling up while enjoying their favorite teams play their games. Both options are well sauced and give Subway fans an alternative to eating wings on game day. No matter if you prefer barbecue sauce or the spicy flavor of Buffalo sauce, Subway definitely has you covered.

The new Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is definitely the headline grabber. The sandwich features Subway’s grilled tender chicken strips which are covered in a new Buffalo sauce which has been made exclusively with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

The bold and familiar flavor of Frank’s Red Hot will make the difference for this Buffalo sauce. The sandwich also includes fresh shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and ranch dressing. All of this is served toasted on your favorite choice of bread.

Subway is also giving everyone the option of a new barbecue chicken sandwich

Subway also has a new BBQ Chicken Sandwich for those looking for something a little more sweet and smoky. The BBQ Chicken Sandwich includes the same grilled tender chicken strips and they are tossed in sweet and tangy St. Louis style barbecue sauce. The sandwich also includes lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles. All of this is toasted and piled on your favorite choice of Subway bread.

Both sandwiches are around for a limited time so you do not want to sleep on them. As always, I’m sure you can substitute and change around the vegetables and toppings to suit your own preferences. You can find each at participating Subway locations nationwide.